Venezuela opposition holds silent march to honour dead

Image copyright Reuters

Thousands of Venezuelans marched in silence to remember those killed in three weeks of protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

In the capital, Caracas, protestors dressed in white were blocked from reaching the office of the Roman Catholic archdiocese.

Similar marches took place across the country.

Opposition leaders blamed the deaths of about 20 people on a heavy-handed police response to their protests.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Lilian Tintori, wife of a jailed opposition leader led one of the Caracas marches. The protests began after the government-backed Supreme Court tried to strip some powers from Congress. Image copyright Reuters Image caption One opposition legislator, Miguel Pizarro said on social media that the march "shall be a thundering and historic silence that beats on the conscience of the oppressor". Image copyright AFP Image caption Supporters of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro held their own demonstrations as opposition activists tried to march towards the Catholic Church's Episcopal seats nationwide. Image copyright EPA Image caption During the last protests on Thursday at least 11 people were killed from either electrocution or gunfire during looting and clashes between government opponents and the National Police in Caracas.


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