Oscars 2017: The 14 Most Breathtaking Moments



Viola Davis became the first black actor to win an Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy, and made sure that her speech was memorable – breaking the Academy’s 45-second speech limit by almost two minutes. She said: “I became an artist, and thank God I did, because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.”Credit Getty Images



Although we all hoped that Ryan Gosling might bring his wife Eva Mendes with him, and even held our breath as he headed up the red carpet with a female companion, we were disappointed. Again. He was accompanied by his sister, Mandi Gosling, which makes us feel he’s probably a nice brother, but does not provide us with the red-carpet photo opportunity we so desired.Credit Getty Images



Chrissy Teigen and John Legend can always be relied upon to make us swoon, but this year’s outing gave us even more “couple goals" than usual. He called her a goddess and provided a shoulder when she appeared to fall asleep during Casey Affleck’s acceptance speech. Sigh.Credit Getty Images



Ruth Negga plumped for red on the carpet of the same colour – and she wasn’t in the mood for small measures, choosing lipstick, eyeshadow and her dress all in the startling hue. See all the other most breathtaking beauty looks, here.Credit Getty Images



Ryan Gosling laughed good-humoredly as the most-talked about Oscars mix-up of all time unfolded, while Emma Stone insisted in the winners’ room afterwards: “'I fucking loved Moonlight. God, I love Moonlight so much! I'm so excited for Moonlight! And of course, it was an amazing thing to hear La La Land. I think we all would have loved to win Best Picture.” See what really happened in so-called “envelopegate” here.Credit Getty Images



Jimmy Kimmel brought his Celebrities Read Mean Tweets feature to the Oscars, asking present or past nominees to read aloud horrible (and largely stupid) things that members of the public have said about them, including: “Oh look at me, I’m Ryan Gosling, I have perfect bone structure and kind eyes,” the Best Actor nominee read. “Go fuck yourself Ryan Gosling.”Credit Getty Images



Surprisingly, despite receiving six nominations, Lion went home empty handed, prompting many incredulous tweets. Its stars, including Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel and eight-year-old Sunny Pawar, smiled throughout the ceremony regardless, with Pawar even taking part in a Lion King spoof with host Jimmy Kimmel.Credit Getty Images



Forget the eye-popping jewels, the most talked about accessory of the night was a blue ribbon, worn by several stars on the red carpet in support of the American Civil Liberties Union – see who else wore the political token, and why, here.Credit Getty Images



Mahershala Ali may have made history when he became the first Muslim to win an acting Oscar when he picked up the Best Supporting Actor prize for Moonlight, but the star was more focused on another big moment in his life: the birth of his daughter Bari. Born just five days ago, the little one was nine days late, meaning that Ali joked that he was “a special kind of tired” for the ceremony.Credit Getty Images



Nicole Kidman found herself the subject of endless memes after a video of her clapping without her fingers touching went viral.Credit Getty Images



Best Sound Mixing, let’s be honest, isn’t the category that the average layperson is staying up late to hear the winner of…until this year. Sound mixer Kevin O’Connell, it emerged after a round of news stories before this year’s awards, is the most nominated person ever, scoring his 21st nomination this year for Hacksaw Ridge, 33 years after his first, for Terms of Endearment. And finally, despite being up against a La La Land in a category in which musicals normally triumph, he won. Finally, he was able to thank his mother, who worked in the sound department of 20th Century Fox and encouraged him to follow in her footsteps rather than be a firefighter because the job was too dangerous, joking with him: “Someday, you go win yourself an Oscar, and you can thank me in front of the whole world.”Credit Getty Images



Iranian director Asghar Farhadi did not attend to collect his Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film for The Salesman in protest against president Trump’s travel ban. He send Iranian American engineer Anousheh Ansari to collect it for him, and she read a statement on his behalf, explaining: “My absence is out of respect for people of my country and those of other six nations whom have been disrespected by the inhumane law that bans entry of immigrants to the US. Dividing the world into the US and the enemy creates fear; a deceitful justification for regression and war. Filmmakers can turn their cameras to capture shared human qualities and break stereotypes of various nationalities and religions; they create empathy between us and others. An empathy we need today more than ever.”Credit Getty Images



Asked by Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet whether she practiced her presenting role while wearing her vertiginous heels, Scarlett Johannson responded, “What a ridiculous question,” explaining that nothing could make her wear such uncomfortable footwear “two days in a row”. “Not that they are not gorgeous,” she reasoned, “but they’re definitely not Converse.” Following her reported split from husband Romain Dauriac, she attended with her agent, Joe Machota.Credit Getty Images


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