How to Take a Perfect Selfie, According to Jessi Cruickshank


Date June 21, 2017

Vancouver-bred Jessi Cruickshank is no stranger to FASHION. She’s let us peek inside her bag and shop her closet, and now she’s selflessly sharing her best selfie tips with us. From The Hills After Show to her latest hosting gig, Canada’s Smartest Person (the season two premiere was last night, btw!), we’ve seen Cruickshank on our small screens for years, and now we’re switching gears to our even-smaller screens, courtesy of her hilarious Instagram account.

Browse the gallery below to see five of Jessi Cruickshank’s tips for achieving the perfect selfie. Now go get your 100 likes.

1. Light
Yes, people, lighting can make or break a selfie. My personal preference is when the light is SO bright, my face looks like a blur of lips, lashes and otherwise barely discernable features.

2. Children
Selfies with cute children, even if they don’t belong to you, will always yield likes. Because if your followers DON’T ‘like’ a picture with an adorable child, they are heartless jerks.

3. Stupidity
Too many ‘pretty’ selfies can get ‘pretty’ annoying on a timeline. I like to mix mine up with a healthy dose of unattractive, ridiculous and straight-up stupid pictures.

4. Famous People
If you see famous person on the street or at the Nail Salon, take a damn pic! The internet likes will be well worth the temporary humiliation of asking a celebrity for a selfie.

5. Sun
There is nothing like a selfie with a sun-flare. Obviously, achieving this natural perfection adds a level of difficulty and should only be attempted by the most expert of selfie-takers. Good Luck and godspeed.


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