Kaia Gerber is Having a Better Summer Than Any Other Teenager

By Souzan Michael

Date June 12, 2017

Walking off the bustling streets of New York, made even more hectic by fashion week, and into an airy all-white room at Tribeca Rooftop is the sensory equivalent of exhaling deeply. Sitting in the middle of the room on an ivory couch is Kaia Gerber, the 15-year-old daughter, and exact replica, of Cindy Crawford, in town to talk about her new role as the face of Daisy Marc Jacobs ($96, sephora.ca). The casting of Gerber, who would have been six years old when Daisy came out 10 years ago, brings a sultry element to the campaign’s aesthetic, known for its flaxen-haired Virgin Suicides-inspired haze.

Today she still looks the part, with her minimal makeup, soft cream blouse and even softer speaking mannerisms. “He’s a legend,” the teen says of Jacobs. Clearly the love is mutual; last fall, the designer made her the face of his Spring 2017 beauty campaign. “I was star-struck,” she says of the first time she met MJ. “He’s one of those people you can’t believe you’re really in front of.”

We caught up with the newest Daisy Marc Jacobs spokesmodel to chat summer plans and her famous mom.

On her famous mother…

“The only time I’d wonder why people were asking for her picture was when we were at Disneyland. There was my mom, and there was Cindy Crawford. I was always around my mom, never Cindy Crawford.”

On the modelling industry today…

“The industry’s changed a lot with social media, so it’s hard to compare my career to my mom’s. You used to only see models in magazines. Now you see them [online] every day.”

On her summer plans…

Gerber has gone to her family cottage in Muskoka every summer for over a decade and has had her boating license since she was nine. “That’s always my favourite time of the year. There’s Wi-Fi, but it doesn’t work for Snapchat or Instagram, so it’s great.”

On Taylor Swift…

“When I was eight or nine, Taylor Swift was all I listened to. Then my mom did the ‘Bad Blood’ music video, and we got to know each other. When I was around her, I thought, ‘My 10-year-old self would be peeing her pants right now.’”

On the Marc Jacobs girl…

“The models in the Daisy campaigns were always these fantasy dream girls. To think that [Marc] views me the same way I viewed them is amazing.”


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