Meet Petite: London's Quirkiest Music Star

Tell us about your relationship with Complét, what was it that drew you to the brand?

They approached me and I loved the fact that they are young designers who just started and want me because my music inspires them.




Your style is very unique, what similarities are there between the Complét aesthetic and your own style?

For me, style inspiration always comes from the cinema, and I guess Complét and I share the love of actresses like Mia Farrow and Jane Birkin's playfulness and colours.

You studied in Tel Aviv, where the brand has its roots, tell us about your time in the city.

It's a city where people read a lot in cafes and talk about innovation. I wrote most of my songs during my philosophy lessons there. I think Complét is a good example for realising a dream.



People love to try to define your musical genre, which seems to constantly evolve, how would you describe it now?

It's mon nouveau jazzy pop. It comes from artist like Dizzie Gillespie, together with African sounds. As life is very absurd, and you can disappear at any minute, you might as well celebrate it. In my debut album, every song I wrote is my string of hope to find some piece of logic. As Dylan said, "Music is the only art not for the museums."




Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Francis and the Lights. His video was the best video and song I've ever seen; I truly fell in love. Also his - called Friends. Paul Simon too.



Tell us about your style – your performance looks are colourful with eccentric accessories, but how do you dress when away from the cameras?

The most important for me is to have a good hat and good lingerie. All the rest is quite uncomfortable to be honest, oh and lots blush of course. As a child I was harshly sun burned and since then my motto is "wear your trauma proudly."


Do you have a down-time uniform? Will we ever find you in a tracksuit, or do you always like to tell stories with your clothes?

Lately I bought my first ever jeans or to be precise jeggings, and I wear them in a new full-denim look. I've been trying to look normal. I'm starting to feel like Bryan Adams though, my friends laugh at me saying I'm too creature to look normal.



You’ve become famous for your pink blusher – where did your signature look come from, and what products do you use?

I use Make-Up Forever, Mac, Il Makiage and Clinique, and I mix. I'm in a new mixing mode just now so it's my secret pigment I potioned myself.

You’re French but live in London, what do you miss about your homeland? And what is your favourite thing about living in London?

I don't miss anything, I became a rolling stone, the ultimate tourist of the globe; I enjoy it. I have friends everywhere - most of them are my fans - and we create together. I love souvenirs. My favorite accessories are cow bells and key holders, it reminds me how my parents used to hang them in a cupboard to show off all the places they used to visit. I'm fascinated by London, but mostly because of the people who come to it from places like Sussex and the Cotswolds. With time, the city grew on me. I do only drink tea with milk now! Music is the essence of it, everyone talks about it. That's what is so special for me, as the UK producers are looking to create their new London sound.



If you had a day to yourself in the capital, tell us what you would do and where you would go?

Everyday I go to record in music studios in London - mostly in the Peckham area, which I just discovered. I'd go with my Japanese stylist, Nao Koyabu, to Japan Centre in Piccadilly. I love to relax at the Dorchester Spa. Its beautiful 19th Century green lockers are where I have my best ideas.



Tell us something about you that people might not know.

I'm a control freak in the studio; I can make a war over a specific sound. I look like a poodle but inside a rottweiler. I'm very impassioned. I'm almost blind; I need glasses but never wear them. I write my music. I have my last exam in philosophy in a month. I'm a vampire, I almost never sleep. I'm allergic to the sun but love the heat. In Japan, I sold my used pantyhose to a fan after wearing them for three entire days. When I'm lonely I give a hot cuppa tea a French kiss, yeah I know it's desperate. I tend to pet corners, not sure why, but maybe I like to make them rounder.


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