New Chris Brown Allegations Have Us Asking: How Does He STILL Have Fans?

Enough is enough.

By Meghan McKenna

Date February 22, 2017

He has 36 million fans on Instagram. His most recent music video has over 75 million views on YouTube. He just announced a star-studded 33-stop tour.

He’s also bruised and battered Rihanna, been criminally charged with battery, and openly called himself a stalker.

To some (me included), it’s baffling that this collection of statements can coexist. But Chris Brown, famed R&B singer and known domestic violence offender, still has a fiercely loyal fan base—of both men AND women.

In his most recent controversy, Brown’s former boo Karreuche Tran has successfully filed a restraining order against the 27-year-old artist. The legal order comes attached to a disturbing list of assault allegations.

In a sworn court statement, Tran alleged that Brown “told a few people that he was going to kill me,” and claimed her ex-BF was physically abusive.

From TMZ:

She then says Chris told the friends if he can’t have her then no one else can, threatening he was going to “take me out” and “threatened to shoot me.” Karrueche also says several years ago Chris “punched me in my stomach twice,” and “pushed me down the stairs.”

Brown briefly addressed the allegations in an Instagram video.

Brown is no stranger to NSFW video rants. Less than a month ago, the Grammy winner made headlines after posting a concerning tirade about his turbulent love life:

“Ladies y’all ever dealt with a n**** that’s just be like, blowing your s*** up? Hopping gates, stalking the f*** out of you, getting on your nerves? Well s***, I’m one of them n*****. If I love you b****, ain’t nobody gon’ have you. F*** that.”

Throughout the drama, Brown’s fans—who have dubbed themselves “Team Breezy”—have remained ferociously devoted to the singer.

In a 2013 National Post article, a “true fan” of Brown defended the singer: “He is only 23 years old. Who has never made a mistake when he was young? Nobody.”

We know now that this wasn’t a mistake; it’s a timeline of reappearing incidents that define Brown’s character. Domestic abuse doesn’t lend itself to the grit and authenticity of an artist—it’s wrong. Period.

Chris Brown has a lot of talent. He acts, dances, and releases hit after hit. But you can’t celebrate his artistry without also condoning his history of abuse. Sorry Team Breezy, but enough is enough.

Photography by Lucy Nicholson-PoolGetty Images


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