8 low-key crazy details you didn't notice from the Met Gala 2017

Met Gala 2017: 10 hidden details you didn't notice | Glamour UK


Name not pronounced 'see-air-a' like the Goodies singer. Sucker for an oversized jacket. Likes a pub.

Tuesday 2 May 2017

We've all seen the Met Gala 2017 glossy red carpet photos and the (slightly crazier) afterparty pics, but look closer and we're betting there's a few details you've missed.

Who know what the words 'Witness' meant on Katy Perry's headdress? Did you notice the outfit staple that Kim Kardashian chose to go without? Who spotted the (pretty illegal) red carpet accessory that Wiz Khalifa carried?

Here are 8 crazy details from the Met Gala 2017 red carpet that you'll be annoyed you missed...



Madonna’s secret sustenance

Oh, Madonna! The 58-year old shocked again with her camo red carpet look, but it was the hip flask she carried (and swigged from at intervals) that had us most entertained. You do you, Madge.Credit Getty Images



Katy's new album?

Katy Perry was one attendee that truly stuck to the Comme des Garcons theme wearing a head-to-toe red Masion Margiela look. One detail that flew under the radar were the words 'Witness' which were embroidered onto her headdress. But some savvy Twitter users guessed it was a subtle hint at something bigger: the name of her new album. Watch this space...Credit Getty Images



Wiz Khalifa’s split

Wiz isn’t shy about his love for marijuana, and he stayed true to form at the Met Gala when he turned up with a ready-rolled spliff. Zero f*cks given.Credit Getty Images



Kim went sans diamonds

Kim Kardashian went sans jewellery for the Met Gala, following her terrifying Paris robbery which took place last year. Speaking just last week on Ellen DeGeneres, Kim said: "I don't care to show off like the way that I used to... it's just not who I am anymore. [...] I truly don't know if I'd ever wear real jewellery again."Credit Rex Features



Jayden brought his hair as his date

See that thing in Jayden Smith’s hand? It’s his hair. HIS HAIR. Speaking to US Vogue’s André Leon, the son of Will and Jada Smith said: “And since I coudn’t bring my sister as a date, I brought my old hair.” Because sure.Credit Getty Images



Lena Dunham wears an important accessory

Attached to her Elizabeth Kennedy dress, Lena Dunham wore a Planned Parenthood pin, which she posted about on Insta.Credit Lena Dunham/Instagram



Jophie lives on

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have kept pretty quiet about their relationship (which first hit the public eye in January of this year). We were worried they'd fizzled into nothing, until last night when they were spotted having fun and photobombing Adriana Lima and Nick Jonas at the Met Gala afterparty. YES.Credit Rex Features




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