The Met Gala Outfit Details You Need To Know About Now



Bella's Full-Look Body Sock

A trend first spotted on Rihanna at Coachella, Bella sported a full catsuit that is hands down her bravest look yet. Literally stretching from the tips of her toes - over her stilettos - to an off-the-shoulder neckline, this Alexander Wang ensemble should not only be feted for its bravery but also its intricacy. Look closely and you'll see that it's embellished with thousands of tiny beads. The best thing about this look? Bella totally owns it and looks oh-so comfortable when making a serious style statement.Credit Rex Features



Kim Kardashian West's No Sparkle

In contrast with her look at the 2016 event, Kim's Vivienne Westwood outfit could not be more understated. She's spoken in the past about her decision to be conspicuously less adorned following her Paris robbery and her first major red-carpet outing decision manifested this decision.Credit Rex Features



Lily-Rose Depp's Homage To Coco Chanel

Trust us, this Chanel gown is going to go down in Met Gala history. A bold colour choice for Lily-Rose, the creeping flower coming over her shoulder was subtle but just enough to make a talking point. The over-the-shoulder embellishment was a camelia, Coco Chanel's favourite flower and one of her eponymous house's signature motifs. Just don't ask us how she got this on.Credit Rex Features



Jaden Smith's Dreads As An Accessory

So this is one we did not see coming: Jaden carrying his newly shorn dreads as an accompaniment to his Louis Vuitton ensemble. Full marks for innovation but we're not sure whether this one will catch on.Credit Rex Features



Lily James's Big Black Burberry Bow

A bow will forever be a timeless add-in to any ballgown and this addition to Lily's brilliant white gown brought a little excitement to the frock and a subtle homage to the way Rei Kawakubo plays with proportion in her work for Comme des Garçons.Credit Rex Features



Kendall's No-Fabric Moment

Yes, your read that right. Kendall's dress was made up of not a single ounce of actual fabric and was designed by La Perla creative director Julia Haart with a reference to Rei Kawakubo's work in mind. "I was inspired by Rei Kawakubo’s concept of ‘un-fabric’ and her ability to create movement out of seemingly immobile materials. So, I created my own ‘un-fabric’ by affixing stones to a single thread, creating a beautiful and liquid suspension that mirrored the qualities of a fine silk," she said. The barely-there dress was made from 85,000 hand painted crystals and took over 160 hours of work in five cities by 26 craftspeople.Credit Rex Features



Rihanna's Runway-To-Reality Moment

Okay, so the Met Gala isn't reality to most of us but for the world's most famous faces it is. Rihanna chose a look from the Comme des Garçons autumn/winter 2016 show to attend the event and SHUT. IT. DOWN. Wondering what the dress is actually made up of? It's double-faced bonded laser-cut satin you want to be dropping into conversation today and forever. We're going to be talking about this look for a long time.Credit Rex Features



Katy Perry's Red Wedding

The co-host's embellished Maison Margiela look was all about the detail, and blimey there was a lot of it. "Witness" was embroidered across her forehead, two mirrors extended her headdress wide while a plentiful supply of futuristic-meets-romantic adornments shined around it. As a performer on the evening, it was Katy who made the first costume change and slipped into an all-black PVC option.Credit Rex Features



Solange's Cosy Quilting

Padded jackets have long been having a moment but it was Solange in a Thom Browne creation that proved brave enough to take it to a black-tie event. Shop a longer-length next winter and try one at your next big event. Go on, we dare you.Credit Rex Features



Kylie's Blonde Ambition

Kylie's Versace dress was a display of atelier-created embellishment at its best. Forever using her hair colour as a finishing touch, the 19-year-old confessed on On Events's Instagram stories that Donatella also helped the beauty entrepreneur decide her wig shade, saying: "When Donatella tells you to go blonde, you go blonde. I was thinking black or blonde and she told me blonde."Credit Rex Features



Selena's Sweet Coach Bag

Forgoing the red-carpet standard of choosing a structured sparkly clutch, instead chose a dainty Coach bag that played on the vintage touch of her delicate dress. While the bag was more romantic than roomy, we wouldn't be surprised to hear if a lip gloss or compact of Selena's had to be nestled in The Weeknd's trouser pocket.Credit Rex Features


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