The Best Swimsuit For You, According To Your Personality

Are you more of a beach volleyball gal, or a beach-and-book kind of gal? No matter your style, we've got cute options for all body types and pool personas. Read on to find your best swimsuit match! 

Fabletics swimsuit

1/20 Matt Rainey

Adjustable, lock-in-place straps mean that, yes, you can wear a tie bikini while SUP'ing.

Buy it: Fabletics top ($35, and bottoms ($30,

Gap swimsuit

2/20 Matt Rainey

Frisbee? Beach running? The neckline keeps bouncing to a minimum; the bottoms won't wedgie.

Buy it: Gap top ($55, and bottoms ($37,

Body Glove swimsuit

3/20 Matt Rainey

As sporty-chic as neoprene, yet stretchier and faster-drying.

Buy it: Body Glove top ($70, and bottoms ($54,

Swimsuits for All suit

4/20 Matt Rainey

Mesh paneling gives the illusion of a high-cut leg... without the actual high cut.

Buy it: Swimsuits for All suit ($98,

Find out how to get gorgeous, beachy waves to complete your summer look:

Seafolly suit

5/20 Matt Rainey

Even from the high dive, you won't free the nipple in this sleek one-piece.

Buy it: Seafolly suit ($162,

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Athleta swimsuit

6/20 Matt Rainey

Multiple thick straps offer great chest support—necessary when spiking a volleyball.

Buy it: Athleta top ($54, and bottoms ($49,

Tommy Bahama

7/20 Matt Rainey

Electric trim: so much fresher than nautical stripes.

Buy it: Tommy Bahama rash guard ($98, and bottoms ($54,

Perfect Moment swimsuit set

8/20 Matt Rainey

Deep arm holes and ruched bottoms let you move, move, move!

Buy it: Perfect Moment set ($195,

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Kenneth Cole swimsuit

9/20 Matt Rainey

The sexiest racerback we've seen. Stun as you swim. (Show off an even sexier back with these 8 moves.) 

Buy it: Kenneth Cole suit ($109,

TYR Sport swim suit

10/20 Matt Rainey

Thanks to a long-line bra top and tie waist, massive waves won't leave you naked.

Buy it: TYR Sport top ($40, and bottoms ($30,

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High Dive by ModCloth suit

11/20 Matt Rainey

It's reversible—two suits in one!—which equals more room in your luggage for shoes.

Buy it: High Dive by ModCloth suit ($75,

Agua Bendita suit

12/20 Matt Rainey

Cutout suits haven't exactly been known for sophistication. This Mondrian-esque maillot changes all that.

Buy it: Agua Bendita suit ($230,

Heidi Klum swimsuit

13/20 Matt Rainey

Straps, optional. Attitude, required.

Buy it: Heidi Klum Swim top, ($104, and bottoms ($80,

Acacia Swimwear suit

14/20 Matt Rainey

In this perforated speed-dryer, you'll never stew in your own sogginess.

Buy it: Acacia Swimwear suit ($204,

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Vix Swimwear bikini

15/20 Matt Rainey

Off-the-shoulder sleeves insist on being paired with a mimosa.

Buy it: Vix Swimwear top ($106, and bottoms ($88,

Onia swimsuit

16/20 Matt Rainey

This number is giving us full-on Marilyn vibes.

Buy it: Onia top ($95, and bottoms ($95,

Karla Colletto swimsuit

17/20 Matt Rainey

The halter style visually tones shoulders; the fringe flatters small chests.

Buy it: Karla Colletto top ($196, and bottoms ($131,

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O'Neill Featuring Natalie Off Duty swimsuit

18/20 Matt Rainey

The lattice-like front lets large busts breathe (but not pop out).

Buy it: O'Neill Featuring Natalie Off Duty top ($54, and bottoms, ($38,

Tory Burch swimsuit

19/20 Matt Rainey

Beetles! This summer's trendiest insect.

Buy it: Tory Burch top ($95, and bottoms ($95,

Boys and Arrows swimsuit

20/20 Matt Rainey

Perfect for standing out, not overexposing. Boys and Arrows suit, $250,

This article originally appeared in the May 2017 issue of Women's Health. For more great advice, pick up a copy of the issue on newsstands now!

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