Jewellery Digest: Magdalena Frackowiak

WITH more than a decade of experience at the very top of the fashion industry - from working as a fit model for Lee McQueen to gracing the Victoria's Secret catwalk - Magdalena Frackowiak knows what makes her look beautiful. Not for her the enormous baubles favoured by some starlets, the Polish beauty has instead always chosen delicate and minimal jewellery with a twist: an idea that spawned her own label. Surrounded by model friends (Irina Shayk, Candice Swanepoel, Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge and Natasha Poly to name but a few) who also have no need to gild the lily, Frackowiak's eponymous line has become the go-to jewellery label for women whose beauty needs only a subtle flash or highlight. Vogue catches up with the woman herself.




Sum up your aesthetic in five words.

Elegant, sensual, refined, fragile, seductive. This aesthetic defines my personality and my jewellery is exactly as I am.Magdalena's New Jewels

Magdalena's New Jewels

Describe the woman who wears your jewellery.

A woman of any age. Her dress code is minimal. She looks for jewellery that will finish her look with a touch of sophistication and uplift her spirit. That is my main intention when I design jewellery.




What is your most popular piece right now?

From the second collection, the beaded chokers in varying patterns. Each choker is made from threading 2mm diameter golden beads onto silk threads. It's a very long process to make one choker and we finish them with silk ribbons. From the beginning, my aim was to create handmade jewellery in my native Poland and these beaded chokers very much reflect that idea.



What is your next big hit; which piece will everyone be wearing in a year’s time?

I'm working now on two exciting ideas. One is a lip ring that will soon be released. An important detail about that piece is that it catches the lip without need of having them pierced. It brings the punk aesthetic that always fascinates me but in an elegant and modern style. It is a shiny, thin "ray of gold" in the middle of the lower lip. Secondly, I'm working with my jewellers on experimenting with 24k gold thread. We will apply it to materials like silk for example. I hope the final result will be an interesting piece of jewellery that might become a new trend, who knows?




Who would you love to see wear one of your pieces?

Natalie Portman.Magdalena's (Strict) Rules

Magdalena's (Strict) Skin Rules

Meet the brand's most beautiful famous fans below. Shop the collection at and from


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