What to Wear When You’re High: 5 Essential Stoner Picks for 420 and Beyond

By Randi Bergman

Date April 20, 2017

First off let me just say this: I’ve never smoked a joint in my life. Second, that I choose to edit this post once marijuana officially becomes legal in Canada. Thusly, I reached out to a bunch of my “stoner friends” to help me come up with the guide to pot dressing on 4/20, a.k.a. international marijuana appreciation day. High times, everyone!

Ivy Park slim leg logo jogger pants

($49, The Bay)

Elastic waist pants are your friends on all eating occasions (see: Christmas) and you may as well prep for the inevitable—a stoner binge.

A party romper for all those times you want to turn up but your friends are being lazy AF.

Vetements black & red Champion edition Antwerpen hoodie

($1,560, SSENSE)

Comfort, style and inconspicuousness: the three tenets of a good high. A larger-than-life hoodie is all of these things, plus it provides pocket space for the leftovers (just make sure you’ve put the flame out first).

Cat eye sunglasses with cut away corner detail with flash lens

($24, ASOS)

Sunglasses for blocking out the haters, the sun’s shimmering rays and the fact that you have no good answer for, “are you high?”

Junk Grateful Dead Tee

($60, Revolve)

Something to acknowledge your elders—without the Dead, where would stoners be today?


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