9 of the best face sunscreens

Mention the words “face” and “sunscreen” and memories of parents rubbing a tacky paste all over your skin come flooding back. Gluey consistency, stinging eyes and chalky residue - not something you want to revisit, right?




The good news is things have changed. Gone are the days when people use the same bottle for body and face (you wouldn’t do that with your daily moisturiser, so why do it with your SPF?). Now, sunscreens are specifically tailored to suit the delicacy of your face skin. They’re light and easy to use and they’re formulated so you don’t automatically break out like you’re 14 again.


It's a change that's come about in recent years due to an increased awareness of the effects of sun damage as well as the sheer amount of beauticians, dermatologists and celebrities that credit their good skin with taking care in the sun. You only have to ask them and they'll tell you that SPF is one of the most (if not the most) important product in their skincare regime. What's more, you should use it every single day - rain or shine, summer or winter.

Below, we've tried and tested a range of face sunscreens and found the best there are for all sorts of skin types. So, if you’re already using one - bravo but if not, now's the time to start...


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