Introducing Sarah Dunk, FASHION’s New Vlogger

By Souzan Michael

Date February 21, 2017

You may remember that we recently held an open call for a new vlogger, called #FMBeautyClass. We asked vloggers to submit a makeup tutorial video and tell us why they should be the newest member of our team. We poured over every single submission and picked our winner, the very talented Sarah Dunk!

Check out our Q+A with Sarah below and get to know our very own beauty vlogger.

Hi Sarah! Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Toronto, and am still living here!

When did you start vlogging?
I officially started my YouTube channel in May 2015.

What was your first-ever video?
My first-ever video (which is now on private lol) was a “Farewell Target Beauty Haul.” I got some great deals that day and wanted to share my finds on the Internet!

Who do you like to follow on social media?
It’s nice to have a variety of different videos and images popping up in my feed on a daily basis. However, about 90% of them are beauty and fashion-related. Some of my most recent faves include Claudia Sulewski, Tothe9s, Ashley Brooke. There are so many more!

What beauty look is your go-to?
Something simple and glowy. Highlighter is always involved!

What’s one that you love but is hardest for you to achieve?
I sometimes struggle with a smoky eye, so I only attempt it when I know I have enough time to fix my mistakes!

What’s a beauty trend you wish would disappear forever?
I am not a huge fan of anything too harsh on the face, such as an overly intense brow or contour. However, I think the trends are changing this year as more artists are leaning towards a more natural “no makeup” makeup” look.

What are your 3 must-have beauty products?
A good concealer, one that could work under the eyes and to cover blemishes, a highlighter or luminous blush, and lip balm (translucent so I could use it in my brows as well if I didn’t have a gel)!

What’s your biggest beauty regret?
Not listening to my mom in high school when she would tell me that my foundation didn’t match my skin/neck. Looking back at pictures I now see what she was talking about…

How long does it take you to film one tutorial video?
Usually setting up the lighting and angles is what takes the longest! Once I am all setup depending on the type of look, it can take anywhere between 20-30 minutes!

What song are you playing on repeat right now?
I just discovered “All I Want” by Alok, Liu and Stonefox. It’s an upbeat song with a great beat that has me really excited for summer!

Head over to Sarah’s YouTube, Instagram and Twitter pages and welcome her to the FASHION family, and stay tuned for her videos right here!


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