Funny Instagrams To Follow Now

Funny Instagrams To Follow Now
Funny Fashion Instagrams To Follow Now

When it comes to funny , it doesn’t get better than @everyoutfitonsatc. As the name suggests, the witty duo behind this hugely popular account are on a mission to document every outfit ever worn on Sex And The City via Instagram, it’s far less dull than it sounds. Their clever commentary and often cutting criticism makes for a delightful commuter pick-me-up for the avid fashionista/Sex And The City aficionado. For the real die-hard fans, they even produce their own SATC merchandise: think Miranda solidarity bags and T-shirts emblazoned with Carrie's iconic, yet undeniably tragic, New York Magazine cover (single and fabulous?).

Over on @copylap, mastermind Chris Rellas takes his satirical fashion viewpoint to photoshop, often resulting in ironic and surprising metamorphosis - did you ever think what Renaissance paintings would look like with flashes of Chanel and Gucci?


The popular @siduations encourages us to look at fashion differently, asking questions like: what would Saint Laurent's outlandish love heart coat look like on the subway? And what if Cinderella went to the Oscars?

Fashion illustrator Julie Houts showcases her hilarious and often thought-provoking drawings, covering everything from fancy dress conundrums to 's corsets.


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A post shared by Tilda Lindstam (@tildalindstam) on

A post shared by Tilda Lindstam (@tildalindstam) on Apr 23, 2014 at 5:58pm PDT

Hailed as the funniest model on Instagram, Tilda Lindastam continues to entertain with her light-hearted, ironic and refreshingly honest account which pokes fun at the so-called glamorous life of a model. The the 21-year-old Swedish model documents everything from snacking on fries in bed to stacking sunglasses over her face.


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