Fall 2018 Is Totally Loving Hijabis and Offering Outstanding Modest Trends

Hijabis always prove how stylish and fabulous they can be especially when they integrate any fashion trend in their style in a very smart way even if it wasn't originally created to match modest fashion styles. For instance, when off-the-shoulder tops were a thing for the past two summer seasons, hijabis accepted the challenge, and we saw how incredibly they wore it in a modest way!

Well, this season's trends arrive as if they are customized specially for hijabis! Almost 90% of Fall/Winter 2019 fashion trends perfectly suit the modest fashion styles hijabis are always keen on keeping. This season came to give them a break from challenging fashion moves, offering 10 powerful hijabi-friendly fall fashion trends!

1. Classic coats with high-heeled boots


Image credits: Instagram @dalalid

2. The over-sized stripped velvet jacket


Image credits: Instagram @minehanimcik 

3. Sleeveless waist coats on maxi dresses


Image credits: Instagram @inayahc

4. Knee boots


Image credits: Instagram @zaraazii

5. Leather skirts with ankle boots


Image credits: www.pinterest.com/darislan

6. Pastel chiffon pleated skirts and sneakers


Image credits: Instagram @maria_bernad

7. Large plaid scarves


Image credits: streetstylesz.com

8. Plaid pants with loose classic tops


Image credits: Instagram @dinatokio

9. High-waist slit skirts showing boots


Image credits: Instagram @hautehijab

10. Loose jumpers in linen pants


Image credits: Instagram @hautehijab

Main image credits: Instagram @ebrusevertrk

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