The 5 Steps to Help You Treat Your Kid's Damaged

We all remember what our mothers used to do to our when we were kids. Allow us to also remind you that what happened to our hair during our youth is behind our hair's condition right now. Your kids' hair health is your responsibility and it's not an easy one at all for a lot of people. So we're here to help you take care of your baby's hair. We've gathered the steps bellow to make the task a lot easier and approachable.

1. You have to get familiar with your child's hair type. After that, you should pick accordingly the shampoo and conditioner, and try to choose ones with minimal, if not free of any, chemicals or sulfates.

2. Avoid using hairdryers or straighteners!

3. Always keep your eye out for any signs of damage, like split ends, and make sure you take her/him for a haircut as soon as you notice it. If the hair is in great condition then you can let their locks grow out beautifully. 

4. Don't forget to nourish your kid's hair with natural oils and creams but avoid using them excessively especially if they're not all natural.

5. As for the hairstyles, try to avoid pulling the hair back or tying it really hard. When brushing the hair, split it into small sections and start brushing from bottom to top, to avoid breaking the hair while brushing knots.

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