Sneak in a Sentimental Gesture to Your Wedding Look Like

Sneak in a Sentimental Gesture to Your Wedding Look Like
Sneak in a Sentimental Gesture to Your Wedding Look Like Meghan Markle

Your wedding day should be the most special and personal thing when it comes to your relationship. With all the chaos of the dress, suit, bouquet and wedding preparations, sometimes you forget to add something that gives that magical touch of sentimentality to your look.  Here are the ways we were inspired to tell you about, so you can remember the day and keep you and your husband's customized pieces forever.

1. Sew in a thread like did...


Meghan Markle revealed that her veil had a glimpse of her something blue. She had a thread from the fabric of the dress she wore on her first date with prince harry stitched through the veil. This is something that is not a big statement that is noticeable, but it will mean so much to you and him and the veil will feel like so much more than an accessory. It will become a piece of the relationship.

2. Lyrics or special words


Every relationship has a special story. That song you both love, that quote that reminds you of each other, the nickname he always calls you by. Chiara Ferragni had her second Dior wedding dress customized with her husband's lyrics and illustrations that are special to them. Take your story and add touches of it on your dress. It doesn't have to take over the whole dress like this one, you can just add small words to the ends of your dress or along the waistline.

3. The bridal bouquet

The ribbon that holds your bouquet together can be inscribed with whatever you like; your initials, your anniversary date, or again special words to you. When the wedding's over you can re-purpose the ribbon around your house or even frame it.

4. Cufflinks and jewelry


Personalized cufflinks are a classic, take it a step further by engraving your jewelry or earrings. His cufflinks and your earrings could complete a sentence or date together and you can keep them in a special box next to each other and pull them out on special occasions.

5. Garter


A sneaky garter addition is a beautiful surprise for him on your wedding night. Remind him of a special memory of you and get the romance starting.

6. Shoes

Engrave the back of your heels and his shoes with each other's initials or your anniversary date. This would also make for  great, creative wedding pictures.

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