Dan Stevens: 10 things you need to know about him

You may know Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey, The Guest, or this little role he just scored in and the Beast (*major* sarcasm, of course). Here's what you need to know about this handsome fella:



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Dan was a rebellious teen

You must be thinking 'yeah, right, just look at that angel face', but Dan claims he was quite the rebellious teen: "Not a lot of people would think that I spent most of my early years totally rebelling against anything I could, getting suspended from school, going on demonstrations. I was a pretty difficult teenager". He continued: "I was always in trouble, always causing trouble. When I went to Tonbridge I just continued along the same path. Anything I could do to rebel, I would".

Okay Dan, we believe you.

He was adopted

Dan was adopted at birth by two teachers from London. He grew up in Wales with his brother, who was also adopted. About his parents Stevens said: "I’ve never tried to find my real parents. I’m very grateful to my mum and dad for adopting me – they’re completely incredible people. It was my dad who encouraged me to question everything, to forge my own path, to think, to read. I always felt it was my right to question everything".

Dan is married, ladies

We're not crying, you're crying.




Dan met South African jazz singer Susie Hariet when they were appearing in different, but close theatres in Sheffield. They got married in 2009 and have two children together, 8-year-old Willow and a 5-year-old Aubrey.

He got his big break in Downton Abbey




In 2010, Stevens joined the cast of ITV's international hit Downton Abbey, playing Matthew Crawley. The plot's love story was between Matthew and his distant cousin, Lady Mary Crawley. Dan left the show in 2012, after his character's death in season three - causing a major Twitter meltdown between fans.


He lead the horror movie The Guest

In 2014, Dan lead the American horror-thriller movie The Guest, where he played a soldier that befriends and moves into a family's home. It all got a bit scary when a series of accidental deaths start to happen.

But let's cut the bullsh*t, here's why we're really mentioning this. The moment we realised Dan is a hottie:

He has an amazing voice - and made a career out of it

You might have noticed Dan's amazing voice when Disney released the cast table read of the Beauty and the Beast script:

Aside from his on-screen performances Dan has narrated over 30 audiobooks, was nominated for two Audie Awards and recorded Casino Royale, Wolf Hall and War Horse.

He acts, he sings and he... writes

Dan used to be a regular columnist for The Sunday Telegraph and is editor-at-large of The Junket online quarterly featuring essays, short fiction and poetry, co-founded by Dan and some friends in 2011.

He also played Sir Lancelot, remember?

If you can't be trusted around bearded man, this throwback is for you:

Dan played the wax figure of Sir Lancelot that comes to live, in the Night at the Museum sequel, released in 2014.

He has just-as-famous friends

Dan is really good friends with Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hiddleston. Who knew?!

Look at him being all cute with Tom:



And sharing love for his lads:

And finally, he will star in Beauty and the Beast

Dan will star alongside Emma Watson in the much anticipated Beauty and the Beast, playing the Prince and the Beast itself:



Taking on the role of the Beast was not an easy task: "Dan has to bring the Beast to life even though he is represented on screen digitally" - said producer David Hoberman. Not to mention the pressure, what if our childhood memories get ruined?!

Stevens was hand-picked by the filmmakers and Bill Condon, the Beauty and the Beast director, who trusted Dan's work:
“I’m a big fan of Dan’s… he’s got this amazing range. Taking this part on was taking on a lot more than just playing a role because of all the incredibly complicated technical things he had to face and the trust he had to place in everyone around him that all that work he did would shine through in the end. It takes a certain kind of character to be willing to do that".

To prepare for the role Dan and Emma had profound discussions about Belle and the Beast's mindsets, and finding balance between polar opposites characters on set: “I was very keen on trying to calibrate the Beast according to the Belle that she wanted to be and to play".

Dan continued: "We ultimately ended up realising that this tale is not so much about beauty and ugliness but about the beauty and the beast that live in all of us and learning to live with that balance" - Awwwn.

Needless to say we're extremely excited for this movie.

Beauty and the Beast is released this Friday!

Watch our interview with Dan here...



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