I tried Charlotte Tilbury's epic new concealer and it was like Spanx for my eyes


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer, £29


When Charlotte Tilbury's been working on a product formulation for over 20 years, you better believe it's the sh**. And unlike Georgia trying to convince the world she's loyal on Love Island, I'm taking Charlotte's word for it. I mean, the woman was recently award an MBE, after all.

Dubbed a 'trusted miracle stick that is the solution to help cover skin issues in one swipe' by the cosmetics queen herself, this nifty little pen had a lot to live up to. Charlotte assures us that it reduces the appearance of dark circles, pigmentation, redness, blemishes and imperfections in just one swipe.


Speaking at the launch of her upcoming product, which doesn't land on shelves until August 23 (sorry!), the guru told us: “For me, the perfect concealer didn’t exist; there's been nothing I’ve found like this on the market, until now!



“I have always found that concealers either cover blemishes momentarily and then tend to cake around a spot, drying the skin, and leaving it poking through, or they do disguise it but it’s so heavy, it leaves you looking far too chalky. The ones I tried were often chalky, cakey or drying. There was never one that provided flawless, poreless-looking coverage. I liken it to a magic wand because it makes your skin wishes come true. It targets the spots that need concealing, stretches over areas you want to appear smooth and helps covers up tricky red patches." Oh, and she also claims it lasts for 15 hours. No pressure then, Charlotte.


Bianca London, Website Editor


An olive-hued complexion thanks to this sensational British summer but as well as a dose of bronzing, said weather has also given me eye bags to rival a Basset Hound (too much rosé and late night BBQs, anyone?).


Charlotte's new concealer is delivered through the Magic Miracle Precision beauty blender applicator. You simply twist the pen a few times and, rather satisfyingly, the liquid oozes out. Whilst the pen itself is perhaps designed to blend, I opted to use my Beauty Blender to do the hard work for me instead.


I literally needed just one swipe of the stuff and it erased those bags that were telling the world I'd had three hours sleep and far too many takeaways this weekend (that'll be the Persian silk tree bark extract -fancy, which Charlotte hails ideal for youthful and contoured looking skin).

The mysterious ingredient apparently has a unique gummy texture that literally stretches over the complexion and resurfaces it like new skin. I can attest it honestly does. Charlotte described it as like 'Spanx for your eyes' and truer words have never been spoken - my under-eyes were vibrant, luminous, youthful and deceivingly bag-free.


I'm sorry, Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer, you've officially been de-throned by the queen of cosmetics' latest offering. Charlotte, I can confirm it was absolutely worth the 20-year wait. Where have you been all my life?

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