5 Foundation Brushes to Pick from for Flawless Makeup Application

"What brush do I use for my foundation?" As a makeup obsessed human and proud owner of an excessive number of makeup brushes, my friends ask me that question a lot. Most people I know use liquid foundation so I'll stick to that today. Below are 5 types of makeup brushes that can be used for foundation. Some of them are favorites of mine while others are universally loved by the makeup fanatics out there. But, before you take a look, you need to know that you would be surprised at how different people's taste can be with makeup and application tools. So, even if everyone says something is good, you might end up not liking it. Try things around until you find your perfect match.

1. Oval brushes

The famous 'toothbrush' makeup brush is the blending queen. The stiffness and its tightly packed bristles really help blend out the unblendable while still giving you really good coverage and a porcelain finish. It's also really cool to hold but you want to practice the grip and the hold to get the perfect application.


2. Big round-top buffing brush

My personal all time favorite! This is amazing because it's fast. When I'm in a rush to get foundation blended quickly and flawlessly, I go for a buffing brush. This would also be good for beginners because it's easy to get the hang of it and the bristles aren't too stiff, so, it buffs and blends things out for you.


3. Small round-top buffing brush

The smaller version of number 2 is one of makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's favorites. I used to use it only for applying concealer, but since I've seen her use it for foundation, I've been alternating. It's really great for small areas and buffing around the nose, and for when you want coverage in some areas but not all over your face.


4. Stippling brush

This brush is really great for when you don't want to use a lot of foundation but you need coverage. This brush has interesting bristles that don't absorb the products, so you have plenty of time to move it around and blend everything. With this, I recommend using more of a dabbing motion while placing the foundation and building coverage, then start buffing out and blending.


5. Flat-top Kabuki brush

This brush is for buffing but unlike the ones above, it has a flat top, so, using pressing motions is really good for getting rid of all the edges and blending everything seamlessly together.


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