styled out this potentially awkward situation with the Queen like a boss

styled out this potentially awkward situation with the Queen like a boss
Meghan Markle styled out this potentially awkward situation with the Queen like a boss

It was her first royal engagement with the Queen so she was most likely super nervous, but proved she's an absolute boss after styling out this somewhat awkward situation.

As MailOnline reports, the royal duo were in Cheshire for their first joint engagement and were filmed getting into a car together. This is where it gets awkward.

In the clip, shared by LBC, Meghan can be seen offering the Queen the option to hop into the car first - before suggesting they switch round. The pair look a little confused and Meghan can be heard asking: 'What's your preference?'.


The moment of confusion quickly passes and the duo hop into the car.

Speaking about the baffling situation, etiquette expert William Hanson told MailOnline: 'The Queen always sits behind the driver.

"This is just a case of habit not protocol (protocol actually says the most important person sits diagonally behind the driver) but the Queen has always preferred being directly behind whoever is driving her.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed a previously unseen photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the Queen's room

"Meghan was probably not aware of this and the royal household may have forgotten to brief The Duchess of Sussex in this nuance.

"It was, however, a considerate gesture from the Duchess of Sussex to consider where the Queen would like to sit."

We think Meghan pulled off her first engagement alongside the Queen with aplomb.


It comes after Harry and Meghan made an appearance on the balcony at the Trooping of The Colour and, naturally, Meghan looked incredible.

A lipreader revealed to MirrorOnline (via The Sun) that Harry reassured Meghan as they waited for the fly-past by the RAF's Red Arrows - and what he apparently said is so.damn.cute. Prince Harry apparently asked her: "Okay?", to which she apparently replied, "Yeah, are you?", before admitting she was "nervous!". The lipreader believes that Prince Harry then explained to his wife: "Then there's the fly-past and then we all look up to the sky."

What a man!


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