10 recent royal weddings to remember

10 recent royal weddings to remember
10 recent royal weddings to remember

Modern-day royal love stories

Whether you think royal weddings are frivolous or fascinating, it's undeniable that they earn more than their share of media attention. All eyes and cameras will be on Windsor Castle in May 2018 when Prince Harry marries American actress . This will be a low-key celebration compared to Prince William and Princess Catherine’s 2011 nuptials, but that hasn’t stopped a worldwide media frenzy. Of course, Harry and William’s mother, the late Princess Diana, was part of the most royal of royal weddings when she married Prince Charles in 1981.

Royal weddings, even the relatively relaxed ones, are usually spectacular. However, if you count all the world’s royal families — the monarchies and figureheads — such events are more common than you might think. Bhutan, Britain, Sweden and Spain have witnessed royal marriage celebrations in the past decade.

Here are several recent royal weddings that have caused a media frenzy in the bride and groom's home country, if not the world.


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