Kristen Stewart’s Buzz Cut and Nicki Minaj’s Rapunzel Locks Have More in Common Than You Think

By Madelyn Chung

Date March 8, 2017

Another day, another celebrity hair change. But this time, it’s involving two very different women with two very different styles.

First up, let’s talk about Kristen Stewart, former Twilight star turned badass babe and certified cool girl. The 26-year-old ditched her short brunette locks for a peroxide buzz cut, debuting her new, bold look at the premiere of Personal Shopper on Tuesday.

By contrast, Nicki Minaj, a powerful, badass woman in her own right, went the opposite direction with her hair, showing off Rapunzel-esque locks in the form of a mesmerizing hair flip Boomerang while in Paris for fashion week.

Like we said, two very different women, two very different styles, and statement-making for very different reasons.

For one, there’s the discussion behind short hair vs. long hair and what that means in terms of a woman’s femininity. Typically, longer hair is viewed as more feminine and pretty, and often times, it’s seen as “more attractive” to men. By contrast, short hair (especially shaved styles), are seen as rebellious, a form of de-feminization, if you will. The proof is in the buzz cuts — just look at how many women with shaved heads are viewed as powerful, rebellious and/or boundary-breaking (Amber Rose, Lupita Nyong’o, Grace Jones, Sinead O’Connor and even Eleven from Stranger Things, to name a few).

And while there are plenty of reasons women shave their heads — aesthetic, ideological, necessity, illness, or, in KStew’s case, a movie role (though she did tell Into the Gloss in 2014, “I’m definitely going to shave my head before I die”)  — a lot of times, it is a way for them to reclaim control and express themselves in a way of their choosing.

But that’s not to say women can’t be powerful and feminine at the same time. Minaj, 34, is boundary-breaking in her own right. She’s the world’s biggest female rap star and the first woman to achieve success in both hip-hop and pop genres. Now if that isn’t a boss babe, we don’t know what is. And despite Nicki’s street-rap credentials, she maintains her femininity, whether it be with her “Black Barbie” persona, her breast-baring ensembles, or her ever-changing hairstyles (in this case, locks down to her ankles).

So even though Stewart and Minaj’s hairstyles are extreme opposites (literally, even in terms of colour), both highlight the women’s strength and femininity, proving the best and most beautiful hairstyle is the one you are most comfortable with.

Photography by Getty Images


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