​7 Nutritionists Share Exactly What They Eat to Recover From Holiday Excess

Who doesn’t enjoy indulging in a little eggnog, turkey, and sugar cookies during the holidays? Tis the season, after all. But overindulgences in boozy and sugary, fatty, bloat-inducing foods can take a toll in the form of bloating, breakouts, and gas. What fun!

While nutritionists say your best bet is to avoid those temptations whenever possible, everyone overdoes it sometimes. Here, seven nutritionists offer their favorite foods to help get your system feeling better and back on track. (Hit the reset button—and burn fat like crazy with The Body Clock Diet!)

Spaghetti squash

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“After I overindulge, I crave veggies—but that doesn’t mean I eat salads every day. Spaghetti squash is a great option because it has fiber, but is unlikely to cause gas if you aren’t used to eating foods like broccoli and cauliflower. Roasted spaghetti squash is simple to prep as a veggie base to use in place of refined carbs like white rice and pasta. I top it with pesto, turkey Bolognese, or even a veggie chili. Low in carbs and high in nutrients, spaghetti squash boasts B vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin A, in addition to the eye- and brain-health promoting antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin.” —Lindsey Pine, R.D.

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Lemon water

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“Since holiday drinking can leave you dehydrated, load up on the water; add lemon peel to help speed up the process of flushing toxins from the body thanks to the nutrient de limonene. If you’re a little backed up and bloated, fiber-filled vegetables can help get you back on your regular bathroom schedule and help you to de-bloat. Cruciferous veggies, in particular (like kale, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower) contain sulfur compounds that can help the liver to detoxify.” —Isabel Smith, R.D.


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