This Viral Vid of a Woman Peeling Off a Charcoal Face Mask Will Make You Scream

"Oh my God! Is my cheek still there?!"

By Madelyn Chung

Date March 3, 2017

The French say“il faut souffrir pour être belle,” and in YouTuber Tiff Polzin’s case, this couldn’t be more true.

The woman behind this pain firsthand while trying a peel-off charcoal face mask. And her wife, Cee, was there to capture the excruciating experience on camera (all while laughing in the background). The hilarious vid already has more than 46,000 views and an edited version shared on

is at 61 million views.

Here’s what goes down: At the beginning of the video, Tiff explains she saw an ad for SHILLS Purifying Black Peel-off Mask on Facebook and decided to purchase it. She notes in came in “shady” packaging and the sticker on the back of the product was crooked. She then begins to peel off the mask, and that is where the fun (well, at least for Cee and the viewers) starts.


Between grunts, Tiff has a hard time bringing herself to rip the mask off of her face, noting “it’s worse by the hairs” and “rough here by the sides.” At one point, she asks if she can just wash it off, clearly unwilling to endure the pain. Cee then helps out, doing the deed for her wife.


When Tiff realizes she will need to pull off the mask by her eye area (“Oh crap, the eyes are going to be horrible!”), she tries to prep herself by counting down before ripping. But to her surprise, Cee hastily rips off the mask for her, resulting in a huge scream from Tiff.


“Why didn’t you tell me you were going to do that? Oh my god!” she shrieks.

In the end, Tiff does admit her skin “actually does feel good,” even though it “hurts like a bitch.” Watch the video above, and prepare for some LOLs.



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