Which Ed Sheeran wedding song is right for you?

Ed Sheeran is The Man when it comes to creating the perfect wedding soundtrack - according to Spotify, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ is the most popular first dance song of all time.



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But that might all be about to change as Ed dropped his third album ÷ today. If you need a wedding song, and quick, we've put together the ultimate guide to which new Sheeran song you should play. You're welcome...

1. Eraser

Expect: 'Angsty, hip-hop' Ed Sheeran (some might say the best kind)

For you if: You’re eloping, maybe to Vegas. Your relationship is intense AF, but it’s real.


2. Castle on the Hill

Expect: 'Nostalgic, inspired by Lukas Graham' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You’re getting married in your home town, surrounded by people you’ve known since you were drinking K Cider. It’s probably the same church you were christened in. You’re an atheist but lied for a church wedding.

3. Dive

Expect: 'Classic' Ed Sheeran


For you if: You didn’t really listen to the lyrics, but it’s Ed Sheeran so it’s #weddinggoals.

4. Shape of You

Expect: 'Fun, you can dance to this' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You're a classic millennial Londoner (+ Stormzy for a Croydon wedding).

5. Perfect

Expect: 'This-was-literally-written-for-a-wedding' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You’re getting married to the person you’ve been with since year seven. You’ve been acting like a married couple since you were 15, so why not put a ring on it? You tell anyone who will listen how perfect you are together.

6. Galway Girl

Expect: 'Irish dancing, can't hurt to add a rap verse' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You’re Irish (obviously) or a big fan of P.S I Love You.

7. Happier

Expect: 'Mature, slightly depressing' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You’ve broken up more times than you’d even admit to yourself, but you’ve finally realised your made for each other (and your turning 30).

8. New Man

Expect: 'Lyrical genius' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You’re getting married in Henley to someone who can’t move on from uni where he was captain of the rowing club and king of the world. He's got nice eyebrows, though.

9. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

Expect: 'Cute' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You’re having a country wedding, with just your closest friends and family, surrounded by flowers, in a meadow, with bare feet.

10. What Do I Know?

Expect: 'Political' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You’re liberal and both extremely happy you can reflect this in your wedding song. You’re wearing a recycled wedding dress.

11. How would you feel?

Expect: 'Recreating his best-seller' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You wanted ‘Thinking Out Loud’, but you’re not that much of a cliché, so you’ve gone for ‘Thinking Out Loud version 2’.

12. Supermarket Flowers

Expect: 'Am I listening to ‘Afire Love’?' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You want your guests to cry. You’ll probably catch it all on your wedding video so you can watch it back and revel in the emotion.

13. Barcelona

Expect: 'European summer vibez' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You’ve chosen a Spanish wedding for the weather, but you’re still too British to listen to anything but Ed. You’re not dancing in the street.

14. Bibia Be Ye Ye

Expect: 'I found myself in Ghana, here’s the song to prove it' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You’re seriously confused so you’ve just gone for a sick rhythm.


15. Nancy Mulligan

Expect: 'It's the end of the album, I'll shove this one in' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You’re getting married in a barn with accordion players, happy children running around and a hog roast.

16. Save Myself

Expect: 'Token reflective ballad' Ed Sheeran

For you if: You want a classic love song with a bit of edge. You think you're together against all the odds.

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