New 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' trailer is all that and Kurt Russell

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Spoiler alert: Kurt Russell is Star-Lord's dad — and his hair is glorious.

The third (and by far biggest) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer has landed, and it is stuffed with all kinds of new goodies because, guess what? The sequel — and with it, the summer blockbuster season — arrives in just over two months.

We'll get to all of what's new here in a minute, but first, have another look at this baby, which Chris Pratt debuted Tuesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!:


All right, you ready? 

Let's dive in.

Star-Lord's classic Mattel handheld football game


Image: youtube

With a few modifications that he made himself. 

The greatest mobile game ever made has been repurposed, and it's tracking that insane space-monster we've been seeing for a few trailers now. 

Speaking of that monster, we are now finally seeing it in full 360-degree view as it's coming in for a fight:


That's intense.

The Sovereign have ships — and lots of them


Image: youtube

The Sovereign, as we know, are a superior race that has hired the Guardians to take care of that very monster, which has been ravaging their super-batteries. In the process, Rocket steals one of those batteries — so they come after them.

In force, apparently:


Image: youtube

What a bunch of conceited douchebags.

Rocket's new dart weapon


Image: youtube

We've been seeing Ravagers being blown into the sky since the first trailers.

But now we know by why: Rocket, who starts out as a captive (but never stays that way for long) has discharged a packet of tiny darts that hit his enemies individually, then blow them sky-high as a group.


Image: youtube

Someone is clearly delighted with his creation:


There will be dancing/pelvic sorcery


Image: youtube

Maybe this is a dream-sequence, but then weren't all the dances in La La Land dream sequences, too? 

Point is, there is some Gamora-on-Star-Lord romance going on in this sequel, lest there be any doubt.

But just when you thought things were heating up — Gamora is firing on ... The Milano? We've seen Gamora shooting that enormous shoulder-mounted weapon in previous trailers, but she seems to be using it to utterly deconstruct the Milano — Star Lord's ship!

Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats.


Image: youtube

The koo-koo planetary landscapes are real


Image: youtube

Mashable was there with a group of journalists who saw concept art like this during a visit to the Atlanta set last year, but it seemed almost too bananas to be true. 

Clearly, it's true. 


They're borrowing that "we're family" thing from Fast & Furious


Image: youtube

Yeah, well. It can't all be original. And anyway, Vin Diesel is in it, so they get a pass.

And who can deny family. 




Image: youtube

OK, OK, I get it. Worst-kept secret in all of Guardians of the Galaxy history, all-time.

But hey, it's still pretty cool to see Russell say it out loud, with all that glorious hair.

Oh! And there was also a new poster. 

And it is also glorious:


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 comes out May 5.

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