The Best Twitter Reactions To #OscarGate

The Best Twitter Reactions To #OscarGate
The Best Twitter Reactions To #OscarGate
Well, that was uncomfortable. We may never know for sure how or why Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway came to announce La La Land as Best Picture instead of Moonlight in the final moments of the Oscars. Beatty says he was handed the wrong card ( ), Emma Stone says she had that card the whole time, and half of last night's winners are probably wondering if they too will have to hand their little gold men back. Steve Harvey, meanwhile, is probably sleeping like a baby, while the Oscars production crew are quaking in their boots. Also: Let this be a lesson to never switch off the TV early. You never know when shit is going to go down.

While it's a shame that Moonlight's big moment was dampened by the awkwardness and chaos of #OscarGate, their (eventual) victory was truly well deserved, and that's what counts. Plus, it's not like La La Land is going home empty-handed. Egos may be bruised, but Twitter is here to remind us that the best thing you can do in moments like this is laugh — and maybe make an Air Bud joke. And yes, the references to Russian hackers and the 2016 election results pretty much write themselves.

Behold, some of the funniest tweets gracing our feed this morning.

Go on, let's get all those Steve Harvey jokes out of your system.

And if nothing else, you can let this convince you that Denzel really was robbed.


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