What did Ryan Gosling whisper in that woman's ear at the Oscars?

What's This?

By Tricia Gilbride2017-02-27 04:15:59 UTC

When Jimmy Kimmel brought out a bunch of tourists from a bus to the Oscars to help themselves to celebrities' personal belongings, there was one standout couple — Gary from Chicago and his fiancee, Vicky. 

Ryan Gosling, sensing the cameras love the duo, leans in for a Lost in Translation moment to whisper something either sacred or profane in Vicky's ear. Now we have the great mystery of Oscars 2017. 

So what is it? Perhaps he says, "You're welcome for saving jazz." 

Maybe he whispers, "Hey girl, I just figured this out. It's pretty cool. La La Land means..." Gosling takes a dramatic pause. "It's Los Angeles."

We may never know for certain, but naturally, there are some theories on Twitter: 

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