'Tanna' cast are repping Indigenous Islander culture on Oscars red carpet

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All eyes are on the cast of 'Tanna.'All eyes are on the cast of 'Tanna.'
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Gowns and glamour are the norm on the red carpet, but for a brief moment on Sunday night, the Academy Awards were brought way back down to earth.

A few members of the Tanna cast rocked up to the red carpet in traditional garb, representing the Yakel people of Tanna, Vanuatu, where the Best Foreign Language-nominated film is set. 

There was dancing, there was colour, there were smiles and hey — the night is young.

The joint Australian and Vanuatuan production is an fictional, epic love story (not a documentary as some red carpet reporters suggest) spoken in which all actors are played by Yakel people of the  island in their own language, Nauvhal.

Jimmy Joseph, Lingai Kowia and young Marceline Rofit represented their community at the Oscars, and being the first Best Foreign Language nomination from either Australia or Vanuatu, their pride was palpable. And contagious, back home. 

Go team Tanna!

The awards ceremony is being livestreamed at a reception centre in Port Villa, so Vanuatuans from all over the area will be watching.

Another Australia production being watched closely at the Oscars is of course, Lion. Thanks to some industry get-togethers in L.A. recently, the kids in both films are now seem to be great mates. Hi Sunny!

Australia represent. And celebrating Indigenous cultures and stories on Hollywood's night of nights? Here. For. It.

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