Jackie Chan's Adorable Stuffed Pandas Won the Oscars Red Carpet (in Baby Uggs)

Jackie Chan's Adorable Stuffed Pandas Won the Oscars Red Carpet (in Baby Uggs)
Jackie Chan's Adorable Stuffed Pandas Won the Oscars Red Carpet (in Baby Uggs)

The cutest accessories on the Oscars red carpet? Jackie Chan‘s double dates, his panda teddy bears.

Chan, who is being honored at the 89th Annual Academy Awards with a Lifetime Achievement Award, has starred in over 250 films over his 33-year career. And he’s also traveled with these same stuff pandas, named La and Zy, since 2010, when the martial arts icon took the stuffed animals around the world with him to promote Karate Kid.

On Sunday night, La and Zy — who are from Build-a-Bear — were dressed down for the occasion, in yellow jackets and black stone washed jeans. One of the pandas wore a blue UNICEF pin on his shirt (Chan has been an ambassador to the organization since 2004), while the other wore a red ribbon on its ear.  They punctuated their look with silver boots that look to be Baby Uggs, which you can score on Amazon for retail $59.95.

The bears immediately stole hearts on social media:

Love the bears? They can be yours! Chan detailed their creation at a Build-a-Bear on a dedicated website, and he poured his heart and soul into it:

“I looked at many different bears but in the end, I chose the pandas because they speak to me. I feel a connection with them. I have already adopted two real pandas. Also I am in Kung Fu Panda! Plus it represents my country. No matter what, every time I see a panda on TV I like to laugh! I love pandas!”

Before inserting their hearts, Chan kissed the pretend organs “for love,” rubbed them on his head so “it will be smart” and rubbed them on his stomach so “it will never be hungry.”

Chan was named the panda ambassador to the Chengdu Giant Panda Research and Breeding Base in 2009, and is the owner of two real life panda bears in China. He carries the stuffed duo to raise awareness on panda conservation efforts.

“I am an ambassador of pandas,” Chan said the E!’s Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. “After the earthquake, they got hurt. I raised them.”


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