How Do Stars Wear Brutal 5-Inch Heels? One Solution Is Only $7.95

The higher the heel, the closer to — lifelong back pain?

For most actresses attending the Oscars, standing around for hours on towering stilettos is just the cost of doing business. Helen Mirren is one of the few who brags about wearing so-called stripper heels, with a huge platform that presumably makes them more wearable. Others, like Angelina Jolie in 2012 — showcasing ample leg in Versace and the corresponding Ferragamo peep-toe heels — let their style do the talking.

In truth, once stars walk the red carpet and pose for photos, they can sit down in their seats, should they so choose, and give their barking dogs a break. And those presenting can chill in the green room. So it’s not like anyone is running marathons in their five-inch footwear. Most stars, with their Choos and Rossis and Louboutins, grit their teeth, and grin and bear it.

But, some don’t!  “They bring a change of shoes in an extra bag.” Nicole Ferreira, of the sister styling team Wendi & Nicole, tells Yahoo Style.



With her Versace gown and peeptoe Ferragamo pumps, Angelina Jolie owned social media in 2012. (Photo: Getty Images)


Former dancers, especially, are used to dealing with aching feet. Others aren’t as willing or able.

“For the most part though we try to take into account how long they will actually be on their feet.  If it’s a long night like the Oscars, we make sure they have a platform so the pitch on the heel isn’t as extreme. Or we load them up with Foot Petals to ease the pain,” says Ferreira.



Laura Elena Harring in her million dollar footwear (Photo: Getty Images)


Frank Fleming, who styles Keri Russell, says that many actresses simply attribute it the cost of looking good. If you want to make the best-dressed list, you don’t pair a Givenchy dress with Converse sneakers.

“Keri even when pregnant was all about having a long line. They’re willing to overcome a lot of pain and a lot discomfort to feel like they’re owning the room,” he says, adding that shoe pads usually don’t work. “If you’re in an open-toe high-heeled sandal, you can’t hide that. In my experience, you make tiny adjustments to make someone feel comfortable. Sometimes it’s in and out. They walk at a certain time. They’re not on the carpet for that long, standing. There is no magic cure unfortunately and I’ve been doing this for 26 years.”

Some stars don’t believe in the whole pain-is-gain concept. As in: Sofia Coppola, who wore flats to the Golden Globes in 2004 and later laughed when her choice made global headlines. Now granted, that’s a much more laid-back show, but Coppola probably wasn’t soaking her feet in ice after that long night.

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