Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 14 Recap: "Sister Surrogacy"

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It's all babies and birthdays for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians season finale. Kim and Khloé are considering surrogacy and Rob is approaching a milestone birthday, or, as Khloé says "Dirty 30." Four generations of Kardashian women are at Kim's house when Dream and MJ pose on the couch for a quick photo.

All of this family time and the adorable smile on Dream has Kim thinking baby again. She jokingly asks Khloé if Khloé would be interested in being a surrogate for her and Kayne. "I have a proposition for you," Kim says. "I'll give you the embryo; you carry the baby, then you give it back to me." Khloé is surprised, so she makes a joke of it. "How much money are you going to pay me to be your surrogate?" Khloé says.

Kim is more serious than her tone might imply. It is too dangerous for her to carry another baby and she and had previously talked about surrogacy, but that got put on hold during everything that happened the prior year. Now, though, the idea is back in the rotation. Khloé mentions how awkward it would be for her to tell her boyfriend Tristan that she is pregnant with a baby that isn't his or hers. Kim laughs, but the wheels are turning.

Birthday planning is in full swing with Rob and Jamel. As with everything and since he is apparently always around, Jamel is using Rob's upcoming 30th birthday as a teachable moment. Jamel says that turning thirty is an opportunity to let go of the energy of your 20s. That sounds good to Rob. He wants to keep his big day quiet with a low-key movie.

Kim and Khloé revisit the surrogacy issue in the car. "This whole surrogacy process is harder than anyone would ever imagine," Kim says to Khloé. She also tells Khloé that she talked about it with Kanye. He thought Kim was joking, but then asked if Khloé would really consider it. Khloé admits that she thought Kim was joking, too. "Carrying a child and not having it be mine? That's a huge decision," Khloé says. Kim assures Khloé that Kim would never want her to do anything that she didn't want to do. Khloé is worried that she might be being selfish if she doesn't at least entertain the idea.

Kim asks Tristan if he wants to have kids anytime soon. Tristan laughs it off, but then Kim tells him she is in the process of trying to have another child. She asks if he would mind if she borrowed Khloé's womb for a year or so. Tristan, giving a good boyfriend answer, says, "It's up to KoKo. Whatever she wants to do."

Moving the process along, Kim makes an appointment for Khloé with the famous (and familiar) Dr. Andrew Huang. "Just the fact that you're taking the time and entertaining it means a lot to me," Kim says to her sister. Khloé is nervous but sees no harm in meeting with the doctor. Dr. Huang asks Khloé if she has ever tried to get pregnant. She tells him that she had fertility treatments with Lamar but didn't really go through with it. "I fake tried," she says. She explains that she was doing the treatments for Lamar, but she knew that it wasn't the right situation to bring a child into. Dr. Huang lets her know that she is going to have an ultrasound, which is a surprise to Khloé. "It's moving really fast for me," she says.

The results of the ultrasound are not what anyone is expecting. Dr. Huang sees fewer follicles than he would expect for a 32-year-old. He tells Khloé that her ovaries are acting older than her age. Khloé is freaked out and worried that she wouldn't be able to get pregnant. Kim is sympathetic. "I can only imagine how scary this is for Khloé. Me and my surrogacy issue--it just doesn't matter right now." Dr. Huang suggests going off of her birth control pills and see how the ovaries react.

Getting back out there is on the agenda for Kourtney. She is ready to move on from Scott. "I do feel a life change coming on," she says. She wants more. "Scott and I are just not meant to be together," she says. Khloé is happy to hear it, but she is skeptical about her sister's dating game. "You're so socially awkward," Khloé tells Kourtney.

Birthday planning for Rob, but without Rob, is in full-swing at Kris's house. She has planned a whole day for everyone at Disneyland. Khloé is not excited, but Kourtney is there for it. "I'm going to Mickey it out, Rob. Just for you," she says. Rob looks less excited than Khloé about a family trip to the so-called happiest place on earth. He and Jamel exchange knowing glances. Jamel apparently doesn't have a Disneyland life lesson ready to go.

"What's going on with Disney?" Kourtney asks Rob later when it is just her, Rob, and Jamel. Rob takes a pass on Disney and tells Kourtney that he just wants to disappear for his birthday. Low-key is mentioned. Again. A big day out is just too much for him. Kourtney doesn't want him to spend his birthday at home alone, so she suggests, you guessed it, a low-key dinner. "Things are never really low-key with our family. I get it," she admits. In a rare twist, Rob gets to avoid a big, over-the-top birthday and the family convenes at a movie. Just like Rob said in the first place. He's happy with the direction in his life, and he is happy with his birthday party.


Kim and Khloé take Kourtney's love life into their hands and sign her up for Farmers Only. Kourtney is not excited about that idea, even though she wouldn't mind living on a farm. She tells her sisters that she's got it covered. "I sneak around this town like a slithering snake," she says. Khloé is happy to hear that Kourtney is hooking up, even if Khloé doesn't have the details.

Khloé's follow-up appointment with Dr. Huang goes well. All is in order downstairs, but he gives her a warning. She's about to ovulate so if she doesn't want to get pregnant sooner rather than later she needs to be very careful with her protection. He also wants her to consider staying off of the pill and possibly freezing some of her eggs. Khloé is relieved that she can get pregnant and it gets her thinking about whether she wants to have a baby now and not wait any longer. Kim wants to know what Tristan says about Khloé going off of the pill. "He wants to have kids now," Khloé says. "He wants to have like five or six kids with me, and that's lovely." Kim tells Khloé that having kids is when your life begins. Khloé doesn't disagree, but she's enjoying her life right now with Tristan. She is excited about the future and seeing where it goes.

Since this is the season finale, the final moments are the type of slow-motion wrap-up we have come to expect. Each of the women has something to say about what they wish for one another. Kourtney hopes her mom can put the stuff with Caitlyn behind her. Kim says she thinks Kendall wants to find her place in the world. Kris is excited to see Rob growing into an amazing dad. Kourtney wishes for Kim to find the answer to expanding her family.

"It's all about the unknown in this family right now, you guys," Khloé says to the camera.

Well, not entirely the unknown. Staying on brand for herself and the show, Khloé teases Kylie's series, now pushed back from a July to an August premiere. "Kylie is just killing it," Khloé says. "I'm excited for her show because I literally don't know what Kylie does all day long." In case you forgot for a second, it's all about family.

Photo: Brian Bowen Smith/E! Entertainment.


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