Did Justin Bieber Just Casually Pee His Pants?

Did Justin Bieber Just Casually Pee His Pants?
Did Justin Bieber Just Casually Pee His Pants?
Sometimes Justin Bieber makes it really difficult to be a Belieber — which I may or may not (absolutely 100p) be — but usually I, like many of his other fans, can find a way to justify our continued support of the 22-year-old pop star.

"He's rude," one says. Well, maybe his fans are just too pushy and don't understand that he's a real person at the end of the day, too!

"He's lazy!," says another. Well, maybe he is just tired from being on tour for a literal year, and jumping from country to country to perform for fans.

"He just PEED HIS PANTS," says one more. Well — wait, what? Ew. No. Are you sure?

Oh. And he's just walking around Los Angeles like that?

Wow, he really deadass peed his own pants and does not care.

Well, now that he basically confirmed that he was traipsing around Beverly Hills with a pee stain on his $700 sweatpants (which Mashable reports are on sale for the very reasonable price of $483), I guess it's time to evaluate just how far a celebrity can go to lose fans. A likely scenario is that he spilled a drink on the crotch area of his pants and didn't care enough to change while he was out. Worst case scenario he actually peed his pants as a way to show how few fucks about being an adored celebrity. He's literally pissing himself to be left alone, and even that doesn't work.

Whatever the reason, something weird is going on (I mean... that HAIR is the most extreme it's ever been) and I don't like the smell of it.



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