Jordan Peele reacts to 'Get Out' as Barack Obama: 'Surrounded by white people! Not fun'

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By Josh Dickey2017-02-23 14:20:41 UTC

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Jay Pharoah, Fred Armisen, Reggie Brown — a handful of comedians took a crack at impersonating Barack Obama during his eight years in office, but let's be clear: No one had him down quite as cold as Jordan Peele.

In an interview with Fandango, Peele was asked to react to his own movie — this weekend's critically lauded release Get Out — as a handful of different celebrities. Considering how money he was as POTUS in the now defunct Key & Peele's "Obama's Anger Translator" sketches, of course he was asked to reprise his Obama.

Make no mistake: Even on the fly, with no preparation at all, Peele's Obama is pretty perfect. And you can see it for yourself in the video above, as he "reacts" to the psychological horror film that's also a sharp take on the state of race in America.

Get Out is easily leading all weekend releases in ticket sales, according to Fandango. And Peele, who told the Associated Press this week that he is "kind of done" with performing in front of the camera, is still leading all Barack Obama impersonators.

The full set of impersonations — Keanu Reeves, West, Oprah — with Fandango correspondent Chris Witherspoon is below:


Get Out opens nationwide this weekend.

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