Alexis Ren & Jay Alvarrez Broke Up & Things Got Messy

Alexis Ren & Jay Alvarrez Broke Up & Things Got Messy
Alexis Ren & Jay Alvarrez Broke Up & Things Got Messy

There's trouble in paradise. Social media stars and OG #relationshipgoals couple Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez have called it quits. But unlike their picture-perfect Instagram lives, the breakup is getting messy and petty.

The couple first shot to internet fame in 2015, when their exotic faraway vacations and impeccably filtered lives became featured on YouTube and Instagram. They seemed perfect. She was beautiful. He was adoring. They mingled with celebs, had plenty of Champagne on hand, and boasted a perpetual vacation glow.

Reports came to light a few months ago that the relationship was starting to get rocky. It wasn't until this week, however, that Ren officially announced the breakup on Twitter. And as perfect as their lives seemed, the veneer cracked and we're all getting a chance to see what lies beneath.

"That time you confused a lesson for a solumate," the Twitter rant-cum-explanation starts. Ouch. "I broke it so he wouldn't get blamed for ending it," Ren continued.

While that seemed like taking the high road, the tweets got more and more savage. Ren went on to say that Alvarrez was using the relationship for fame and that it had reached a point where it no longer served his business interests.

Alvarrez didn't let Ren land the last word. On his own Twitter, he shot back. He geotagged in the Maldives (set to Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me") with the caption, "I got 99 problems and this ain't one babi." Included in video was a close-up shot of his genitalia, which Ren had described in one of her tweets as, ahem, small.


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