Jeopardy Contestant Humiliatingly Confuses & Lil Wayne

Jeopardy Contestant Humiliatingly Confuses & Lil Wayne
Jeopardy Contestant Humiliatingly Confuses Kanye & Lil Wayne
Someone needs to come and scrape this man's reputation up, because it's been pulverized and burnt to a crisp by his humiliating flub on Jeopardy.

We'll set the scene: Alex Trebek once again rapped. This time, there was a whole category about it. Everything was going relatively smoothly until Trebek rapped a fairly softball answer.

When we say softball, we mean that the name of the rapper was literally in the answer. This is beyond softball. This is tee-ball. This is tee-ball with a softball on it. The contestant did not answer correctly.

Let's watch that again.

Good lord. We can't even begin to say how humiliating this is. Frankly, we'd like a doctor to go check on all of this man's friends, to be sure that they didn't injure themselves shaking their heads too hard. Also, CalTech should require at least a basic cultural proficiency requirement before they sell a sweatshirt to someone. You don't want to get put out there on national TV like that.

We think that the error may have to do with confusing Weezy for Yeezy. But doesn't have an "F" anywhere in any of his nicknames. Also, he doesn't really threaten people or use sports metaphors like in this rap. Also, "6 Foot 7 Foot" is a really famous song. And really you should know your Yeezys from your Weezys if you're going to take part in Jeopardy. So there's really no excuse.

Things weren't all bad. A group of online heroes has gathered together to praise Trebek's rapping. People called attention to his flawless rapping of multiple songs. He's got bars, what can we say.

Here, someone set his answer reads to music.


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