George Takei joked about running for Congress but we want it to be real

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Are campaign speeches that different from award shows?Are campaign speeches that different from award shows?

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Sometimes an April Fools joke makes you sad — not because you fall for it, but because you really wanted it to be true. Star Trek icon George Takei tweeted an article on April 1st that listed him as running for Congress in 2018, which will sadly not happen,


"I want to be a champion for all people, but especially those whose voices are not heard often in the halls of Congress," Takei is quoted as saying in the DailyBuzz article. "We need to build a majority again in Congress, too, to be a check against the Trump Administration’s excesses, assuming he’s even around by then to keep making horrific mistakes."

Even if the congressional run was a joke, Takei has been vocal in his disagreement with the Trump administration and its decisions. The rest of his Twitter feed — in addition to

— includes critical comments about government officials, including Democrats.

George, you were the snarky leader we wanted, but still don't deserve. Maybe next April.

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