Thirsty presenter can't hide his strong feelings for Chris Hemsworth

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The beginning of a beautiful friendship.The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Image: The Today Show

2017%2f01%2f06%2f59%2f201701053ajoe.46868.9da28By Joseph Earp2017-02-21 01:03:26 UTC

No matter how professional we might want to appear, sometimes cracks show up in our polished exterior. Particularly when faced with a human being as glorious as Chris Hemsworth.

That's the situation Australian TV presenter Karl Stefanovic found himself in while interviewing the Hem-dawg on Monday.

Stefanovic is of course no stranger to a bit of spice, being the man who once suffered an on air meltdown after eating the world's hottest pie. But nothing could prepare him for the awe-inspiring beauty of seeing Thor up close and personal.

He saw through time.

He saw through time.

The world's hottest pie was nothing compared to the world's hottest man. 



Image: All Around Gifs

So rather than dishing out the usual questions, Stefanovic instead cut straight to the point and decided to make his romantic feelings known.

"I actually can't concentrate on the interview because you're so good looking," Stefanovic told Hemsworth.


Hemsworth, ever the charmer, shot back with a compliment of his own."I feel the same way about you," he cooed, flashing those pearly whites. 

In whole interview package was a gush-fest from start to finish, in fact. And Hemsworth was all for it.

Jimmy knows.

Jimmy knows.

Oh, Australian Thor. Never change.

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