Showrunners Tease Game of Thrones Spinoff

Showrunners Tease Game of Thrones Spinoff
Showrunners Tease Game of Thrones Spinoff
Game of Thrones is a show just begging for a spinoff if there ever was one. While that might sound like the wishful thinking of fans frantic at the thought of the series ending forever in just two short seasons, it actually makes a lot of sense. With its built-in fan base, enormous cast of characters, and intricately constructed universe and history — full of unexplored avenues — it's hard to see why a spinoff wouldn't be pursued by HBO. Now, we've got the professional opinion of one of the showrunners themselves to go on — and you're going to like what he has to say. (It's even better than Ed Sheeran's casting; sorry, bud.)
“We all had dinner last night, and we were all saying we should go do different things,” Benioff said, per BuzzFeed. “The characters who maybe will survive — there’s always going to be this temptation to keep doing it…to do the spinoff show or do the sequel show and everything. And I think HBO might well do one.”

Benioff continued, emphasizing that while he would be a loyal viewer of any kind of future GoT iteration, he believes that's a job best left to someone else. “I’m looking forward to watching it, I think it’ll be great, but I think it’s better for them to get new blood in with new visions.” He joked, “Zombie Stark sisters.” (Does this mean Sansa and Arya survive?!)


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