'Rogue One' plot holes exposed in parody video

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By Chris Taylor2017-03-03 02:00:41 UTC


Once you've watched a Star Wars movie more than a few times, you inevitably start noticing the weak points in its space fantasy plot. And even the taut storytelling of Rogue One isn't immune. 

But that's good news for the makers of the popular "How It Should Have Ended" video series, which just dropped its latest parody Thursday.

Here you'll find the full expression of all sorts of nagging doubts about the movie that you didn't even realize you had. (Obligatory spoiler alert warning for the three or four of you who haven't seen the movie yet.)

For example: Why did Orson Krennic land his shuttle so far away from the Erso compound, giving the family time to escape? Why didn't Galen Erso just make a copy of the Death Star plans and send them to Saw Gerrera, instead of a weaksauce hologram message? And was there really no way for the Rogue One team to make it off Scariff alive?

Plus if the fact that Darth Vader made a pun in the movie bothered you, here's one way to tie it into wider Star Wars canon — he's actually making dad jokes.  

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