This Simple Trick Gets A Classic Topknot Crazy Smooth

This Simple Trick Gets A Classic Topknot Crazy Smooth
This Simple Trick Gets A Classic Topknot Crazy Smooth

When you're in a beauty rut, it's a little like looking in your closet and seeing absolutely nothing to wear. Sure, you have the bones to create a killer look — a bold liner here, a bottle of texture spray there — but sometimes you just need a boost of inspiration. That's why we created Short Cuts, a series of quick, easy-to-follow videos meant to educate, refresh, and excite the beauty nerds in all of us. Whether you're looking to learn something new or to refresh your current routine, there's a Short Cut for you.

It's no secret that we're always here for a good topknot. And why wouldn't we be? The high bun is an all-purpose style for every occasions and season. You can keep your strands from sticking to your neck during the summertime, or dress up your entire look with your bun and a moody lip on those chillier nights. And to state our case further: The hairstyle is crazy easy to perfect — if you implement a few tried-and-true techniques. Watch the video above to fall in love all over again.

Step 1: Before creating your ponytail, flip your hair over, mist with your favorite holding product (like a setting spray, gel, mousse, or styling spray), and blow-dry it smooth. This sets the style and minimizes flyaways. Secure with an elastic.

Step 2: Split your 'do in two sections, smoothing your hair with texturizing paste along the way.

Step 3: Rope twist your sections together.

Step 5: Finish with hairspray.


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