Emma Watson’s Braid Is A Nod To & The Beast

Emma Watson’s Braid Is A Nod To & The Beast
Emma Watson’s Braid Is A Nod To Beauty & The Beast

The more Disney releases live-action remakes of its beloved classics, the more real-life princess moments we get.

When Emma Watson stepped out at the premiere of & The Beast, she looked practically royal. From her long, full gown to her updo, she definitely embodied a Disney Princess in every way.


But look closer. That double-braided 'do isn't a run-of-the-mill milkmaid style. Instead, Watson decided to give a nod to her character with those pretty plaits.

Teen Vogue reports that Watson's braids form two roses, one on each side of her head. If you need a refresher on the significance of that, listen up. In the tale as old as time that is Beauty & The Beast, Watson's character, Belle, trades her life for that of her father, who gets tossed in the dungeon by the Beast after trespassing in an enchanted castle. When Belle explores her lavish prison-cum-castle, she discovers an enchanted rose that wilts as the Beast ages. It's basically a botanical egg timer to remind the Beast of a misstep he had with an Enchantress. When the last petal falls, the Beast can't reverse the spell and he's stuck — unless he can find true love before that flower fades. Let's say Belle enters his life at a very opportune time.
Watson's rose braid is a low-key way to add a dash of Disney magic to a look and we're loving it. Equal parts regal and rosy, it's certainly giving Watson a noteworthy start to her promo tour. Her Windsor-based stylist, Jenny Harling, created the look. Teen Vogue adds that Harling worked on the Harry Potter films, so it looks like she and Watson go way back.


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