Wealthy New York Mom Pens Open Letter to Ivanka Trump on Transgender Issues

Wealthy New York Mom Pens Open Letter to Ivanka Trump on Transgender Issues
Wealthy New York Mom Pens Open Letter to Ivanka Trump on Transgender Issues

Isabel Rose, a New York mother and writer who hails from a wealthy real estate family, penned a poignant open letter to Ivanka Trump that was inspired by her transgender daughter. Rose states in the heart-to-heart letter that she hopes Ivanka’s father, President Donald Trump, will reconsider revoking a previous law that protected trans persons and their right to use the bathrooms of the gender they identify as.

Using the Medium platform, Rose opens up by noting that she and Trump share many similarities, including growing up wealthy, having married Jewish men, and are mothers of young children.

Rose shared the experience of raising her daughter, Sadie, now 8, and the struggles she and her family faced in understanding their child. In essence, Rose believes that if one of Ms. Trump’s children were trans then her father’s decision to revoke the law established under President Barack Obama’s administration would inspire her to challenge the rule.

Rose writes:

“And I also bet if you were me, you would be greatly dismayed if you found out that the government chose to rescind protections for transgender students that allow them to use the bathroom corresponding to their gender identity instead of their anatomy. Like me, you would look at your ultra-feminine 8-year-old, standing on the street corner waiting for the school bus, her already-elegant head held high, pink bow quivering in the wind, and you would say to yourself, “What on earth will my little princess do if someone forces her to go to the bathroom with the boys? She’ll be mortified! She’ll be bullied! She’ll be scared.”

Rose goes on to write that if the tables were turned, Ivanka would go to her father and state to the president that the law protects trans children and gives them the same rights any other children enjoy under American law. She ended the letter by inviting Ms. Trump and her family to meet with her two daughters in New York or Washington.

The letter seemingly resonated with readers in the comments section of the blog entry as well.

“This made me cry. What a beautiful gift you’ve given to your child,” wrote one user. Another added, “[y]our words validated the tears and fears I share as I watch this President chip away at the rights of our children.”

Last week, the Trump administration struck down the guidance that offered protections to trans people in using the restroom of their choice.


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