Scottish Man Bedridden as a Result of Not Wearing Sunblock

Scottish Man Bedridden as a Result of Not Wearing Sunblock
Scottish Man Bedridden as a Result of Not Wearing Sunblock

Summer is finally here, which means that all signs are pointing toward carefree living. However, the one thing that cannot be neglected in the upcoming months is the use of SPF. The damaging effects of the sun are often talked about, but the amount of people that work to protect themselves from it are still lacking.

For Greg Binnie, the importance of sunscreen wasn’t all that apparent, until he suffered a severe sunburn after a long day of work outdoors. The landscaper from Edinburgh, Scotland, showing the result of seven hours worth of sun exposure without any SPF. Needless to say, it’s terrible.

“In all seriousness, put on sun cream,” he wrote. “2nd degree burns from doing a days work outside lol. Am in fucking agony.”

Reactions to the tweet are widespread, from people who have experienced similar burns, to those offering advice on how to heal them.

Binnie even got so burnt when living in the U.K. – something that he had considered himself. A good lesson for us all.

Yahoo reached out to Binnie via Twitter, where he was eager to share his story in an effort to spread awareness to others.

“I’ve been burnt before due to my fair skin, yes, but never to this extent,” he says. “It’s as though I thought because I was back home in Scotland, I wouldn’t burn.”

The forecast for Saturday, when he spent all those hours outside, didn’t seem unusually suspect, he explains, but it ended up being warmer than expected. Still, Binnie neglected to notice any severe reaction until his parents pointed it out. Even so, he went to work again the next day where the real damage took place.

“Although I wasn’t in the sun at all on the Sunday, when I got home my skin had blistered about severely.”

With the already burnt skin being re-exposed to the sun, it increased the severity of the reaction, which led to the resulting blisters. Now, the effort of putting on sunscreen before going outside is one that the landscaper will never again pass up, especially since he’s been bedridden ever since.

“I have been applying Sudocrem and aloe vera spray to the burnt areas 3-4 times a day. Although it just feels like the pain is getting worse, which tends to happen as sunburn heals,” he says

People from all over the world have seen the consequences of Binnie’s sunburn, and are warning him to see a doctor to ensure that everything will heal correctly. However, he isn’t the only one who should consult a physician. Even before being exposed to the sun, it is important to make a doctor’s appointment to understand the normal marks and texture to your skin. So know your skin, take care of your skin, and learn from Binnie’s mistake: Always wear sunscreen.

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