A Hygge Line Just Dropped At Sephora — & It's So Good

A Hygge Line Just Dropped At Sephora — & It's So Good
A Hygge Beauty Line Just Dropped At Sephora — & It's So Good
I've been using the line for a couple months, and I'll be honest: My frustrating adult acne didn't miraculously heal in that time. My bumps have significantly decreased, my oil is way more under control, and my skin looks clearer and more glowy overall. (Thanks to the salicylic acid, lactic acids, and glycolic acids in the potent formulas.) But I do still get some painful, cystic breakouts from time to time, and the red marks that have haunted me since college continue persist on my chin.

But here's what did clear: my mind. I took Ole's advice and started taking more time in the morning and evening, lighting a candle, and enjoying my skin-care routine for maybe the first time in my life. After a few weeks, I stopped looking in the mirror and hating the breakouts along my cheeks and jaw; I decided to finally do something about them. I changed my diet, drank more water, finally booked that dermatologist appointment I'd been putting off for months, got an oral acne prescription, hell I even invested in silk anti-bacterial pillowcases. And, every night I followed Ole's painfully slow, face-washing instructions, physically feeling the stress melt away with my makeup.

And it didn't stop there: I decluttered my apartment, cleaned up my finances, took more vacations, and even called home more. When I chose to prioritize a slower, cozy, committed approach to my skin, it extended to almost every other aspect of my life. And I'm happier and more clear-faced today because of it. Trust me, I'd be the first to laugh at someone who claimed a cleanser could do all that. But somehow it put me on the track I needed. That's just the magic of Hygge.

Ole Henriksen
Balance Line, $10-44, available at Sephora. *The warming Balance Sauna Scrub will be available at Sephora in April 2017.


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