You Could Get This "Bite Sized" Too Faced Set For Free At Sephora

You Could Get This "Bite Sized" Too Faced Set For Free At Sephora
You Could Get This "Bite Sized" Too Faced Set For Free At Sephora

Each comes with a mini Deluxe Chocolate Bar palette, which contains a bronzer called Chocolate Soleil and three scented, cocoa-powder-infused eyeshadows by the names of Champagne Truffle, Salted Caramel, and Semi Sweet. The colors range from a pinkish nude to a deep brown.


To help the shadows stay in place, it includes a Mini Shadow Insurance primer. Then, to top off the eyes, there's a shiny little pink bottle of Better Than Sex mascara.

There's something in there for your lips, too: Mini Melted Chocolate in Honey, a shiny liquid lipstick also made with actual cocoa powder.

But here's where it gets really good: You can get the kit via Sephora's stores or website at no cost whatsoever if you join their Insider rewards program and rack up 500 points. You earn a point for every dollar you spend, so yeah...that's a lot.
Fortunately, if that's not in the cards for you, you can still get each product individually, though you may have to go for the regular-sized version. The non-bite-sized Chocolate Bar Eye Palette sells for $49 and includes 16 eyeshadows total with mouth-watering names: "Gilded Ganache, Milk Chocolate, Black Forrest Truffle, Triple Fudge, Salted Caramel, Marzipan, Semi-Sweet, Strawberry Bon Bon, Candied Violet, Amaretto, Hazelnut, Crème Brulee, Haute Chocolate, Cherry Cordial, White Chocolate, and Champagne Truffle."
So, if you're impatient or an eyeshadow hoarder, you may be better off just going for the $113 investment. Then, with your newly acquired 100 points, you can get some new skincare products.


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