How to Find the Best Blush for Your Tone

01-opener-best-blush-skintone-Matthew-CohenMatthew Cohen/ Shopping and selecting the best blush to complement your cheeks can be a downright daunting task. Before you turn your own shade of red in embarrassment over an incorrect blush selection, makeup artist and owner, Jen Melia of The Makeup Boutique in Youngstown, Ohio, is here to help. Whether you want to rock a youthful glow or need a shade of rose that will last all day at the office, here's what you need to know when it comes to finding the perfect product. For her clients, Melia breaks down blush selection based on two things: The texture of their and its color. Before beginning the great blush hunt, she recommends looking at yourself in a mirror and deciding whether your complexion is: fair, medium, or dark, and what type of texture your skin is: oily, dry or normal. (If you find your complexion is particularly troublesome, here are some ways to improve it in just one day.) When it comes to complexion, those with dry skin should look for blushes in a cream finish and those with normal or oily skin should use blushes in a powder finish.

Medium skin

03-medium-skin-best-blush-skintone-Matthew-CohenMatthew Cohen/ If your skin is medium toned or olive, complement the bronze of your skin with products in a plum or apricot shade. Melina prefers the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blush in the Blushing Bride, a plumy rose shade for these clients or NARS: The Multiple South Beach shade, which is an all-in-one, cream to powder makeup stick. When using a blush in a stick form, she recommends applying it directly onto the cheek bone and then use your fingers to swipe and deepen the color. The products pictured here are Colourpop's Cheerio blush, Bite 's lipstick in Praline, and Wet 'n' Wild Apricot in the Middle blush.

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Dark skin

04-dark-skin-best-blush-skintone-Matthew-CohenMatthew Cohen/ For dark skin, you want to select blushes that will provide warmth without streaking or leaving a clownish like redness. Select blushes in deep shades of burgundy or rust tones. Melia again recommends NARS: The Multiple in a shade like Malibu or G-Spot, and says to choose a blush that matches your lifestyle, whether you need long-lasting or just a quick burst of shimmer. If you're on a blush budget, she also uses shades from the NYX High Definition Blush line like Bitten or Summer. The products pictured here are Colourpop's Bardot blush, Wet 'n' Wild's Mellow Win blush, and Bite Beauty's lipstick in Almond.

How to apply

05-how-best-blush-skintone-Matthew-CohenMatthew Cohen/ No matter the shade or texture of your skin tone, the application of blush remains the same. Melia says to apply the blush directly on the cheek bone. You want to apply it to the apples of your cheeks in the front, and work back towards the hairline. Apply the blush at an angle using your fingers, brush or any preferred method of application. Avoid overdoing it or using too little of the product. Give yourself a smile in the mirror to ensure your cheeks are properly covered, add a flattering eye shadow shade and you're ready to hit the town. The product pictured here is Wet 'n' Wild's Blush Brush.

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