Vlogger Claims Allergic Reaction After Dean Forced Her to Take Makeup Off

Vlogger Claims Allergic Reaction After Dean Forced Her to Take Makeup Off
Beauty Vlogger Claims Allergic Reaction After Dean Forced Her to Take Makeup Off

Some teachers focus on making you do your homework, others find it more important for you to take your makeup off.  The Sun reports that when a teen YouTube vlogger encountered the latter, she wound up having a frightening allergic reaction to the remover a school authority allegedly forced her to use — and wound up with a burning face and trip to the ER, plus weeks of steroid treatment.

“The dean was staring at me. I think she hated me. Yeah, she hated me,” says Caito Potatoe, of New Zealand, said in video she posted Tuesday — “My Teacher Nearly Killed Me, Storytime” — about the two-year-old incident. She continued, “She took one look at me, one look at me, and she was like, ‘Are you wearing makeup?'” Potatoe says she then explained that she’d just come from a photoshoot but that the dean refused to hear her out.

The vlogger flashed a photo during the clip, showing what she looked like on the day of the shoot. Her makeup – to our eyes – was very subtle only including groomed brows, soft eyeshadow, bright hot pink lipstick, and gently blushed cheeks. To be on the safe side, she made sure to remove her bright lipstick and eyeshadow before heading to school. But as it turned out, the dean still thought she shouldn’t have on any at all.

Even with very clean no-makeup makeup, she said her dean continued to pressure her, saying “you need to go to the office right now and take that makeup off.” Potatoe pleaded and advised the dean that she would be leaving shortly, but still the dean wouldn’t budge.

During the fire drill, the YouTube personality was forced to go back into the school’s office and she noticed the makeup remover that was there would give her an allergic reaction so instead of using it, she just went back outside. She said she was told again, “Why didn’t you take your makeup off? It’s against the rules to have makeup on.” Potatoe then told her she would have an allergic reaction, but was told once more to take it off.

She went back in as instructed and used a piece of toilet paper and the makeup remover provided to cleanse the makeup from her face. Instantly, she says, her face began to burn. “It was so hot. I wasn’t surprised that my face didn’t literally set off the fire alarm.” After sitting for the remainder of the day in burning pain, she went home and attempted to shower off the product. She woke up the next morning with a swollen face and could barely open her eyes, according to the video. Soon after, she rushed to ER as things got so bad her throat started closing up. The doctors saw her immediately and put her on steroids to calm the inflammation in her face.

Potatoe says suffered for weeks before her reaction fully healed – all because her dean wouldn’t let her keep her makeup on. Luckily, she’s in much better spirits these days and teased a message toward her dean saying, “you’re just too jealous that I looked hot fly as heck that day, and you were just walking around with black eyeliner.”

Check out the to Potatoe’s take on her experience.

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