Turns Out, $8 Bra Inserts Make Great Makeup Sponges

Turns Out, $8 Bra Inserts Make Great Makeup Sponges
Turns Out, $8 Bra Inserts Make Great Makeup Sponges
It’s an age-old problem that even occasional blogger John Mayer knows about: Often, you lose too much makeup to your brushes before applying. However, one keen Reddit user may have found a solution in an unusual blending device sold in the recesses of the internet. The tool, called SiliSponge, is a clear and smooth makeup applicator, presumably made out of silicone. (And yes, it looks a bit like a breast-lifting bra insert.)

We found one for sale on Hong Kong-based website Molly Cosmetics, which claims that it's intended to apply makeup without dirtying your fingers or soaking up valuable product. Like us, members of the Makeup Addiction subreddit aren’t quite sure what to make of it. Some commenters think it’s too gimmicky. As user sammisamantha pointed out, applying foundation with a blob of silicone could give you the feeling of being “slapped in the face with foundation.”

Others, like briannasaurusrex92, wonder what exactly the SiliSponge is made from. She commented, “[R]eal silicone is almost never crystal-clear like that, even in small thicknesses. Transparent, perhaps, but it almost always has a bit of cloudiness to it.” While the applicator’s name suggests that it’s made from silicone, the Molly Cosmetics site doesn’t divulge its material.

Could this clear applicator be the next tool that changes the makeup-application game? We’ll be keeping an eye out to see (although, so far it has zero mentions on YouTube). If your curiosity is piqued, you can score it for a cool $9 at Molly Cosmetics.

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